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The Temple talks of Jain temple

Dilwara jain temple history dates back to 11th century AD. The construction lasted till the 13th century. Famous temples with such beautiful marble sculpture these Jain temple are world famous. Dilwarajain temple is a holy Jain pilgrim center.

The famous temples were built with a belief in the religion. Jainism has been practiced in the country (India) since time immemorial.

This religion has their unique belief of harmlessness and renunciation. The aim of the Jain community is to achieve liberation of the soul. They make sure that the quality of life is superior in order to liberate the soul.

The eternal belief

The huge construction in middle of hills and forests was done for a purpose. There lies a strong belief behind these temples. Dilwara jain temple history says a lot about the purity of dilwarajain temple.

  • Harmlessness
  • Non-violence
  • Renunciation
  • Piousness

Above mentioned are some of the beliefs of the Jain community. Puja or worship is performed for the idols in the temple in the most serene ways.


Taking a look at our gallery section will talk on behalf of us. The beautiful dilwara Jain temple is the largest of all Jain temples. Some claim it to be the most beautiful one around the world.

  • The work on the ceiling alone will catch your eyes. The beautiful patters and the sublime sculpturing leaves all spell bound.
  • The walls that surround the temple are huge and strong.
  • 5 Jain temples make up the dilwarajain temple.
  • The pillars that hold the temple stand proudly since so many decades are all hand carved. You can see the minute details that depict all the values of the Jain community.
  • Dilwara temple history says the crafts men were paid with respect to the dust that they collected after carving. This motivated them to carve even more minutely.

The aura of the Jain temple

The entire premise is serene and pious. Mango trees and wooded hills surround the entire premise. Visitors who look for peace of mind can take a walk or stroll around and find themselves. Dilwara jain temple

You lose yourself to this place as your mind and soul wander in the beautiful silence of this place.

  • It’s a remarkable thing how the founder thought of this location to build such an aesthetic temple.
  • Only a visionary man can chose a remote hilly place for such an important construction.
  • That one decision has resulted in these famous temples.
  • The combination of all 5 Jain temples in one campus makes it even more interesting for the visitors.

Important facilities of the temple

Since the temple is worldwide recognized and the number of visitors is huge, facilities in the temple is very important. The team of management is dedicatedly working towards these mentioned points.

  • Bathing facilities for the puja (mandatory) are available.
  • The solar energy is used to heat water used for bathing.
  • Cleanliness of the temple is taken care
  • Management of queues is strictly adhered to.
  • The best time to visit gets more tourist influx and hence special arrangements are done.
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