Location of the Dilwara Mount Abu attractions

The tourist places in MountAbu can be easily reached through the nearest railway station Abu Road (Rajasthan, India). There are a number of scenic MountAbu places to visit. The Dilwara temple is a nearby visitor’s attraction and a pilgrim center.

Thousands of devotees and followers of Jainism visit this place to feed their soul. Foreign tourists visit the Dilwara temple out of curiosity. The history is so rich and it dates back to ages. The architecture is an epic example of Indian craftsmanship.

Getting there

The nearest railway station reachable through Indian railways is

  • Abu road railway station. Morthala and Kivarli are also nearby railway station.
  • All major cities are connected through train. Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi are nearest metro cities.
  • From the railway station one can opt for state transport or taxi services.

The nearest airport to reach Dilwara and mount Abu are

  • Airports of Udaipur and Ahmedabad are the nearest air ports.
  • The Ahmedabad airport has better connectivity with other cities.
  • Udaipur is 185 km and Ahmedabad is 221 Km from mount Abu.
  • Taxi services and state transports are always available to reach Mount Abu.

The best road route for Mount Abu and Dilwara

  • National highway no. 14 is just 24 kms away.
  • All major cities are well connected to mountabu and hence Dilwara temple.

Mount Abu places to visit are many.


Dilwara is the place that has the impressive temple of Rajasthan (India). It is 2.5 kilometer away from MountAbu. It is one of the most visited tourist places in MountAbu. Abu lies in the Rajasthan-Gujrat border (India) of Rajasthan. These are hills of the Aravalli range. They are rocky plateau spreading around 22km long and 9km wide stretch.

Mount Abu is the only hill station that the state of Rajasthan is blessed with. The tourism of Rajasthan is world famous and mount Abu places to visit have natural beauty. The Thar Desert of Rajasthan has its 85% of land in India and rest is shared by Pakistan. It forms a natural border between the 2 countries.

Marble Magic of the Dilwara temple

The land of Rajasthan, India is known for the vast mines of marble. Marble is a form of metamorphic rock that is made up of limestone. This form of rock is used to make sculptures and as building material.

  • Flooring of marble is a common practice in India.
  • They are precious in nature.
  • They are astoundingly beautiful.
  • The Dilwara Tourist places in MountAbu are famous temple. It is made up of marble and the ancient craftsmanship is breathtaking.

The best time to visit

Since you must be planning to visit the very famous Jain temple, the best months to visit are between October and March.These are the winter months in India and the weather remains pleasant in this part of the country.

The sun light feels soothing with the touch of winters and trip gets you exquisite memories to take home.