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Rajasthan Tourism is incomplete without including the places to visit in mount Abu. Places to visit in mount Abu do not limit with the Dilwara temple, there are number of natural destinations that one must see while on a tour.

Mount Abu is the only hill station in the state of Rajasthan India. The state has a huge area and the Thar Desert covers most of it. The state of Rajasthan shares its orders with Pakistan. The Thar forms a natural boundary between the two countries.

Sunset point

Mount Abu is in the lap of the Aravalli hills. Aravalli hills have their charm of rocky terrain along the south west border of India. The Sunset point is a charming and attractive point of mount Abu tourism.

Since it is a sun set point naturally the visitors and tourists swarm by the evening before the sun sets. This is one of the choicest paces to visit in Mount Abu.

Places to visit in mount abu

Vendors selling interesting items like sandalwood idols, wooden toys are a common scene. Fast food and snack sellers are easily available at the sun set point. Horse rides or pony rides are quite famous in these terrains.

Gurushikhar Peak

Highest peak of the Mount Abu and the entire Aravalli range is Gurushikhar peak. Mount Abu tourism proudly owns this peak 1722 m above the sea level. Since it is the highest peak it provides a scenic view of the town and the mountain range.

A panoramic picture of the beautiful Mount Abu town can be captured from the peak. Some of India famous temple is also situated at the Gurushikar Peak.

Guru Dattatreya temple is one of the famous places to visit in Mount Abu. It is situated at the Gurushikhar peak.

Places to visit in mount abu

Likewise there are other temples to visit on the famous peak.

Nakki Lake

An artificial lake that is situated at a height of 1200 m above the sea level is the Nakki Lake. This is one of its kinds. Isn’t it amazing how the state of India’s desert has a hill station that homes a manmade lake?Places to visit in mount abu

The story behind the lake is mythological and interesting. It is believed that the gods and goddesses they themselves dug this lake. The only weapon used was their own nails. ‘Nak’ in Hindi is Nail and hence the name was given Nakki lake.

It is referred as heart of Mount Abu.

Achalgarh fort

Forts and Rajasthan have a unique relationship. Mount Abu tourism is incomplete without the Achalgarh fort. ‘Garh’ means fort. Rana Kumbha commissioned this fort like many other forts in the southern Rajasthan. Every city and town of Rajasthan has at least 1 fort.Places to visit in mount abu

This is a medieval period fort. Fortified walls with temples are situated at the fort on a hill top. You get a picturesque view of the town. This has an Achaleshwar temple that is again India famous temple.

It is believed that the fort was built around a toe print of lord Shiva.

Toad rock

The toad rock is a special dimension rock that has become an eternal part of Mount Abu tourism. It is sometimes referred as the Mascot of Mount Abu.

This has become a picnic spot and people get thrilled while climbing it. This rock is a result of wear and tear of rock by water wind and sun. And hence the outcome is quite realistic.Places to visit in mount abu

There are several similar rocks that have taken interesting shapes and are favorites of visitors. Defined and undefined rocks are a part of life style at Mount Abu.

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