About us

Dalian FreeTrade Zone Rubber Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 as a trader and processer ofnatural rubber and compound rubber. In 2011, F.T.Z. Rubber developed to amanufacturer of custom molded rubber components. We design, develop andmanufacture all kinds of rubber products that include standard O-ring, seals,and custom-molded rubber components for original equipment manufacturers andindustrial companies worldwide. We specialize in complex components includingrubber bonded to metal and other substrates.


Driven by amanagement system registered to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and TS16949, F.T.Z.rubber is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of rubbermanufacturing. And, flexibility is inherent in every aspect of our business,from the products we manufacture to the speed with which our team responds tochanging needs of customers.


F.T.Z.Rubber is conveniently located in Dalian Free Trade Zone and within 1 hour ofDalian Int’l Airport and 20 minutes of Dalian Container Terminal.


With an extremelybroad range of production equipment, full quality control laboratory,capabilities and technical expertise, F.T.Z. Rubber is ready to serve as yourworld class contract developer for all of your custom rubber component needs. Contact Us for a quick quote.


Production equipment includes

l     16-inch/18-inchOpen Mills

l     200TON/250TON/300TONVacuum Molding Machines

l     200TON/300TONInjection Molding Machines

l     HighPrecision Rubber/Silicone Cutting Machines

l     Curing Oven

l     PunchingPress

l     PrecisionSurface Grinder


Testing equipment includes

l      X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

l      Moving Die Rheometer

l      Mooney Viscometer

l      3D Vision Measuring Machine

l      Tensile Tester

l      Aging Oven

l      Brittleness Temperature Tester

l      Oil Bath

l      Hydrometer

l      Compression and Deformation Tester

l      Hardness Tester

l      Thickness Gauge



   Whatever the industry and whatever theapplication, F.T.Z. Rubber has the expertise to meet your needs. F.T.Z. Rubberformulates and manufactures rubber products for a variety of applications. Thisincludes:

l     Industrialequipment

l     Electricaland Electronics

l     Home Appliances

l     Automotivevehicles

l     Marinevehicles